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As one of our older members at 61, Beckie Orr is a great example that age is only a number. Mother to coaches Stephen and Joe and their older brother Chad, Beckie is pretty much surrounded by CrossFit whether she wants to be or not. Although no stranger to CrossFit, it’s only been in the past year when she decided to start coming again. This time though, she did not just add in CrossFit, rather with the help of the CFBR coaches, she has made some great, healthy changes to her diet.

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Choosing to focus on tracking her macros, Beckie aims to eat 1450 calories a day with a breakdown of 40% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbohydrates. Beckie says that by tracking her macros she feels like she makes better choices. Additionally, she focused on upping her water intake and cutting out bread. Enjoying the compliments she has received from losing weight, Beckie says she also feels better, “less bloated, can breathe better and sleep better.”
After 4 months of Beckie tracking her macros, her weight is down over 20 pounds. Even more amazing are her lab results from her doctor. To get a little specific Beckie’s total cholesterol dropped 16 points, while her HDL (good) cholesterol rose 15 points and her LDL (bad) cholesterol dropped 11 points. Both her triglycerides and the CHOL/HDLC ratio have moved into the healthy range, including an over 100 point drop for her triglycerides.

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Beckie will tell you that making these changes aren’t necessarily easy, and she finds that the hardest parts are eating out less as well as eating less sweets. But with a big focus on losing fat, Beckie knows that she has to make those necessary nutritional changes to meet that goal. With encouragement from her husband Bobby, and help from her sons and their wives, Beckie has been able to find success with eating healthier. Finding support from her family, she’s lucky in the fact that she does have a coach for a son, saying “Stephen has helped me by answering questions about what/how I should eat and how to track it.”


Feeling that her healthy eating goes hand in hand with CrossFit, Beckie felt that coming back to CrossFit was important because “at my age, I think the less active you are, the quicker your body breaks down.” While she struggles sometimes with whether she wants to come, Beckie finds that if she just reserves a class and shows up, especially if it is for a WOD she didn’t want to do that she, “is glad that I did it and proud of myself for doing it.” Mostly though Beckie knows the struggle to lose weight and live a healthier life. She says, “people struggling with making a change should just make up their minds about diet and exercise and set a period of time to give it a chance.” Beckie knows first hand that it doesn’t take long to see the results and that the struggle that eating right and exercising can sometimes be is fully worth those results.

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Hopeful that one day her healthier lifestyle change might encourage and help her to stop smoking, Beckie says she doesn’t plan to quit coming to CrossFit. Even if she did, those sons of hers probably wouldn’t let her anyway. Mostly though, we are so proud of Beckie and how she is not only looking amazing and feeling amazing but that her healthy changes are giving her real life changing healthy results.
This has been part 3 of a 3 part series where we are featuring some of our members’ transformations. While all of our coaches are passionate about CrossFit, they are equally passionate about helping each and every member be the healthiest they can be. You can always approach any of our CFBR coaches for nutrition advice. Additionally, we are starting a nutrition challenge January 15 and we would love for everyone to participate. We’ve set up an information meeting for December 30th at 3pm.
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