Boiler Room Before and Afters: Ethan Latimer

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If someone were to have a conversation with Ethan Latimer, chances are they are going to discuss one of two things; CrossFit or something stereotypically nerdy. In a lot of ways Ethan is our stereotypical, lovable nerd with a love of video games and a career in computers. But, after almost 3 years of CrossFit, Ethan also defies that nerd stereotype, because as anyone who has ever worked out with Ethan will tell you, he is a force to be reckoned with in any workout.

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After encouragement from his wife, Megan (also one of our regulars), Ethan decided to try out CrossFit Boiler Room when he was about a year out of college. With a lengthy commute and a job sitting in front of a computer, Ethan knew he had to make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle because he was “too sedentary and didn’t want to become unhealthy.”

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For Ethan, his diet is crucial for “performing better in the gym, especially when it comes to cardio workouts.” With a current goal to put on weight, Ethan has the opposite goal of why most people think to join a gym. However, for Ethan, weight gain also means strength gain which is important to him since he doesn’t feel like his strength numbers are where they should be. Employing the practice of tracking his macros, Ethan aims to eat a certain amount of calories per day broken down into the specific amount of carbs, proteins and fats he needs for his specific body composition. While he says focusing on his diet can “suck”, he is trying to refocus on hitting his macros because as his transformation has shown, tracking macros works for him.

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“Make it fun,” is Ethan’s advice to anyone wanting to make a healthy change. While he does this for health, he also does it because he truly enjoys it. That joy is apparent as Ethan can always be counted on to be down to do any WOD at the box, whether it’s the daily WOD or an extra WOD. He is a regular at the box because Ethan is constantly working on himself to be “healthier, stronger, and faster.” Just as he is always working on improving himself, he is also always ready to support others in their goals with words of encouragement and advice for anyone wodding at the same time as him. His dedication to a healthier lifestyle has allowed him to join his friends and family to “go out and do something physical” without having to question “whether or not it could be accomplished.” Because of this he has the confidence that he is up for any activity his friends might throw at him.

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Ethan’s journey is a great testament to how solid dedication inside the gym as well as inside the kitchen can lend to big and great changes.
This has been part 2 of a 3 part series where we are featuring some of our members’ transformations. While all of our coaches are passionate about CrossFit, they are equally passionate about helping each and every member be the healthiest they can be. You can always approach any of our CFBR coaches for nutrition advice. Additionally, we are starting a nutrition challenge January 15 and we would love for everyone to participate. We’ve set up an information meeting for December 30th at 3pm.
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