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Tim Huff, who is a regular 5am member, reliable Life Beyond the Whiteboard attendee and always a welcomed addition when he makes it in on a Saturday, has made a remarkable transformation since starting CrossFit about a year and a half ago. With encouragement from Josh Carter who told him everything could be scaled, Tim gave CrossFit a chance even though he had wanted to put it off until he lost weight. This decision to join CFBR has led him to not only become fitter, but to also overhaul his diet.

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As Tim pointed out, CrossFit and his diet changes go together. It was after becoming a member at our box, where Tim says he kept hearing people mention “paleo, Whole30 and clean eating,” that he began to look into his options. After being strict with Whole30 for a couple of months, Tim has continued to focus on eating real, whole foods: lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and nuts, while avoiding sugar and processed foods. He says this way of eating works well for him because “I get to eat good food. I didn’t weigh 300 lbs not enjoying eating.” While he struggles with foods that he knows aren’t good for him, focusing on eating clean still gives him a lot of options, especially since he enjoys eating and cooking delicious foods.
tim beforeThe results Tim has shown are absolutely astounding. In his 40’s, married and with 3 children, Tim says he “started realizing there aren’t many men who were my size in their 80’s.” Beyond wearing smaller clothes, Tim also says he didn’t realize how much his food choices were impacting things like his allergies and his joints and he was tired of having no energy for anything besides work. Since finishing his Whole30 and staying dedicated with eating cleaner, Tim says he feels better and he hopes his family would say “that I’m a lot less stressed and irritable than I was at 300lbs.”tim crossfit


In addition to working out and eating better, Tim says “the community of CrossFit is what is working for me.” He has surrounded himself with people who have believed in and supported him in his healthier endeavors. Tim first lists his wife as she has been a strong encourager, and Josh Carter was “critical” in getting him to CFBR.  But a number of members in the 5am group have inspired him with his CrossFit journey and really shows how much we, as a community, love and encourage each other. Billy Pollard will join him on the end of running workouts even though Billy will have already finished, Lindsay always reminds him his results will show, Coach Joe always finds ways to “tell me what I was doing right in the middle of correcting terrible technique”, and Randy and Magee are “beasts in the gym”. In relation to diet, Tim finds the couple of meals a week he gets from Sandra, as well as their recipe sharing to help make eating healthy a lot easier.


For anyone looking to make a change, Tim would suggest they “join a box that provides true coaching and support. I’m encouraged to be healthy, finish even if I’m last, to attend regularly, etc. I’m not motivated enough to do this on my own.” Going into 2018, Tim hopes to attain and maintain “a healthy 225.” That’s a weight Tim has only seen once since junior high and it was not a healthy loss at the time. As Stephen announced at the Christmas party, Tim had the 4th best attendance record for men in 2017. With Tim’s CrossFit attendance, and his dedication to eating and feeling better, there is no doubt that Tim will meet his goal in 2018.

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This has been part 1 of a 3 part series where we are featuring some of our members’ transformations. While all of our coaches are passionate about CrossFit, they are equally passionate about helping each and every member be the healthiest they can be. You can always approach any of our CFBR coaches for nutrition advice. Additionally, we are starting a nutrition challenge January 15 and we would love for everyone to participate. We’ve set up an information meeting for December 30th at 3pm.

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