Daniel Leon and Winning Senior Grand Champion of South America

danny3Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art form which emphasizes individual achievement including demonstrating good sportsmanship. Daniel Leon, one of our early morning members, recently traveled to Argentina to compete in the senior division for his age group at the World Tang Soo Do South American Regional Championship. A 3rd degree black belt Instructor in Tang Soo Do, Daniel had spent the previous 3 months before the tournament focusing on training and preparing himself physically and mentally. Thidanny1s training paid off as he came away from that tournament as the Senior Grand Champion of South America!

Starting Tang Soo Do at age 12, Daniel says he initially gravitated toward the sport because of the focus on individual performance and has continued to work on mastery of the martial art. According to Daniel, Tang Soo Do and CrossFit complement each other very well. Through Tang Soo Do, he has learned concentration, perseverance, humility and discipline which he says helps him get better at CrossFit. CrossFit, he says, helped with “strength of mind, spirit and attitude.” Because of CrossFit, Daniel feels like it helped give him a slight advantage in the tournament.  Specifically speaking of training at CFBR, Daniel said his performance was a “testimony to the level of fitness and preparedness that CrossFit Boiler Room helped me to achieve.”danny2

Daniel had traveled to Argentina to participate in a three day Master’s Clinic and along the way, was able to make important regional contacts and left a positive impression with Region 23 of the World Tang Soo Do Association comprised of the entire continent of South America which is celebrating its 30 year anniversary next year. Winning the championship was an amazing step forward for his future goal of opening his own business teaching CrossFit and Tang Soo Do in Ecuador, or as he put it, “warrior training.” Speaking with Daniel, his passion for both CrossFit and Tang Soo Do is apparent and magnetic as he shared his love of the two disciplines.

As said by his coach, Joe, “Danny is such a great listener, so easy to coach that he makes you want to step up your game to be a better coach. His passion is infectious.” We are so proud of Danny and this amazing achievement and we are excited for what the future has in store for him.

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