Chad and the Triple Peach

IMG_3715The Triple Peach Race Series by the Atlanta Track Club challenges runners to complete 3 of Atlanta’s top race events. Last year, Magee and Randy Pruitt complete the Triple Peach when they ran the AJC Peachtree Road race, the PNC Atlanta 10 Miler and the Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon. This year, Chad Bragg took on the challenge, joining them in their secret club of people who’ve run over 29 miles over the course of those 3 races. Which includes being very active on Thanksgiving, a day that most people set aside for eating and naps.

CIMG_3716urious about the experience of training and completing the Triple Peach, Chad provided some insight on what the past few months have been like, especially for someone who disliked running so much it was “one of the main reasons” he decided to get out of the Army. However, it was that dislike of running that pushed Chad to complete the Triple Peach as “something I could never think I could or would want to do.”

To prepare for the runs, Chad setup a training schedule starting 8/21 and ending with the half marathon with 13 miles on 11/23. Over the course of those 3 months, Chad planned out 43 training runs, increasing the distance and including at least 3 runs a week. Sticking with his training schedule is what Chad credits as being the hardest part of completing the Triple Peach, especially as the runs got longer and he took longer to recover.IMG_3714Throughout this training, Chad also continued to show up consistently for his CrossFit classes. Crediting CrossFit as helping him with the cardio needed to complete the races, Chad also said that CrossFit helped him to “push through when I felt like I wanted to give up.” Considering that his 12 mile training run is what he considered “the complete worst” and he still went on to complete the half marathon, shows some seriously impressive mental fortitude. Wondering how traumatizing it is to complete the Triple Peach? Chad did say he would consider completing it again, after he’s “had enough time to get over this one.”

Chad, we are so proud of you for taking on the Triple Peach challenge, putting in some serious work to train for it, not ghosting on us at the box during training and mostly completing such a physically, emotionally and mentally challenging race series.

Who else has pushed themselves in a way they never expected and how? Anyone up for completing the Triple Peach in 2018? Let us know in the comments!


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