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dieThis is not what kind of shirt you will see a CrossFit person wearing.  This is not what we do at The Boiler Room.  When you show up to CFBR, we all know that you are showing up to be better at life.  When you show up at CFBR, you are not just part of a CrossFit “Box”, but you become part of our FAMILY!  We do not leave our slowest or weakest behind.  This is what our family is all about.  This past week, we have seen each of you struggle with running, box jumps, wall-balls, or Toes to Bar.  What happens when we struggle?  We have our family members encouraging us that we can do it.  That we can make it through!

Remember that when you show up, your main goal is to be “Stronger than Yesterday”!  Be a better you!  All you have to do is walk through that door and your family will be there to help you with your struggles.  They will need your encouragement as well.  If you don’t show, then you let them down.  You let you down.

I am so glad that we have such a tight group of people that strive to be stronger than yesterday.  I am so excited to see how motivated people can be from the others in our box.




WOD 140702

Run 1100m

rest 3 mins

Run 800m

Rest 2 mins

Run 400

Rest 1 min

Run 200

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