Day 1 Complete (& who invited KELLY?!?)

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funny-dog-pictures-me-no-likey-push-upsOk, so you made it through day 1 of 100 push ups!  Nice job!  Super excited to see so many friends and family joining in on this challenge as well.  This is how we change peoples health.  Keep reaching out and inviting them to join you on this venture of becoming a stronger, faster, & healthier you!

If you missed Day 1, feel free to go ahead and start today!  Invite someone to join you as well.  I promise that it will make it much more fun for the both of you.

Remember to start early and break them up throughout the day.  Really, it will cause lots of confusion and concern at the office if someone walks around the corner and you are doing a few push ups.  Keep us up to date with how you are doing here, and invite your friends to join the FB page as well.


WOW, “Kelly” really put a whooping on us, huh?


Run 400m

30 Box Jumps (24/20)

30 Wall Balls (20/14)

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