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Today marks the 1st day to the second half of 2014!  When we started this year, several of you had some serious goals that you were aiming for.  Some of you are doing exceptionally well with those goals and some of you are struggling to even make it to the gym.

So…  Let’s start it over right now!  Today is the 1st of July.  Today is the 1st day of meeting those 2014 goals that you set and somehow forgot about.  Today is the day you start to reach for your new goals if you’ve already met the original ones.  We have to remember to stay focused or we will wake up one day wondering how we let ourselves get “this far”.

baby-push-upToday, we are starting the “100 days of 100 Push-ups”.  Start off your day with 5 or 10 push ups the best way you can do them!  Do them every hour so that you can complete the day one challenge.  Challenge your friends and family as well.  They will most likely want to join in and you will have that accountability partner that we all need sometimes.

We Trainers are looking forward to seeing what you all can accomplish in these next 100 days and the next 6 months.  It’s time to get to work.


**Side Note**

We will not have any evening classes on Thursday night & will be CLOSED on FRIDAY, July 4th.  Come out Saturday for a butt whooping WOD at 9 or 10am.



20140631- WOD

3 Rounds

5 Min AMRAP (run 400m at the top of each 5 mins)

10 OHS (115/75)

10 T2B

  1. Jeremy Holguin Reply

    I like the blog, looks good!

    • Stephen Reply

      Thanks buddy! We have some amazing changes happening right now. You should come out and see us soon!

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